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SVN Log Parser from XML to CSV using Perl

SVN Log Parser from XML to CSV using Perl

I have just recently completed a project at work that uses a Perl script to parse SVN logs to CSV format for reading in Excel or any other spreadsheet application.  I found a few other SVN log parsers online but nothing that met my requirements so I have written a log parser from scratch and would like to share it with you here.  Most of the other SVN log parsers that I found online were too targeted to do specific things with the logs.  My only requirement was to get the SVN log from the server in xml format and convert that to CSV to share this information with other developers on my team and of course management will most likely be interested in using it to get an idea of the code turmoil to our SVN repository.

In this article I would like to step through the process I used to develop the Perl script and describe the details of each portion of the code that leads us to the final CSV file output.  By understanding how the script works, and with a little bit of Perl power, you should be able to customize the script to do other tasks.  If you run into any issues with the details please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to add more detail.

TortoiseSVN over SSH on Windows via PuTTY

TortoiseSVN over SSH on Windows via PuTTY

TortoiseSVN if you don't already know is an SVN (Subversion) client that allows you to run SVN commands right in windows explorer.  This is a nifty tool that can save you a ton of time.  You will spend more time working on your projects rather then hammering the keyboard on the command line trying to accomplish simple SVN tasks.

In this article I would like to explain the process of setting up TortoiseSVN on a windows machine to allow you to connect to your SVN repository over the SSH protocol using a pre-configured PuTTY session that uses a private key to authenticate to the server.  This can be done easily using a few free tools that you may even already have installed but, if not I have linked you to them in the tools section at the bottom of this article. 

A Puppy Story

Meet the pups! These 8 puppies were found with their Mom without anyone to care for them. Thanks to the effort of the Canyon County Animal shelter, they were rescued and fostered, this is where we come in! The 8 puppies are making themselves very comfortable at our home until they are 8 weeks old. Then, they will head back to Canyon County to get the Bob Barker treatment (if you know what I mean) and find their FURever homes, YAY! Until then, grow puppies grow! 



The 8 Pup Line Up...


Ladies First


Brulee- Named after our favorite coffee creamer, this petite girl is such a doll! She can hold her own when wrestling with her littermates and our big dog. She is a princess at heart and loves to have access to a small crate for naps during the day.


Oakley- Little Annie Oakley! This girl is the perfect mix of a lady and adventure seeker. You can always find her halfway in a bush to get a new stick! She loves to play in the water, run around the grass and play tug-a-war. Love this girl!


Bear- Her name becomes appareant as soon as you scoop this gal up, she grunts like a little bear cub! Bear loves hanging out with our 8 month old and sleeping under the coffee table. She is such a sweetheart!


Bell- Sweet Bell reminded my daughter of Nanas dog Bella so her name was an easy choice! Bell was lucky enough to be claimed the first week of fostering by one of my friends, way to go Bell!



The Boys....


Semper- Named Semper Fi because of his brave attitude and strong build, this big pup is such a love! He is truly a tank, he has doubled in weight in 3 weeks. He loves his rope toy, is a champ in the car and loves to play with our big dog!



Nemo - He may be the smallest of the boys but has a huge heart, this little boy loves snuggling up! He is the first to run back over to their daytime pen if he is out and sit and whimper a little when he is ready to go back in a take a nap, its pretty cute! He LOVES fleece blankets.


Rocky- This little guy is playful and sweet! He is a big fan of laying on top of everyone after they fall asleep and is always up for a game of tug-a-war. He is one of my FAVORITES! Great personality.



Delgado - Delgado you sweet big pile of fluff! Welcome to our family!


Daily Routines.....



Bedtime aka nigh-night puppies!The puppies now sleep for a 7 hour stretch in their crate (YESSS!) and have been waking up with dry blankets more often than not! They run straight out of the crate, outside and to the grass. GOOD PUPPIES!


They are ok with eating dry food now, this is such a relief as the puppies had me well trained on the art of using the food processor and cooking them turkey bacon...ALL THE TIME. Haha! I loved it. It made their day!


I have tried to stick to one word commands to keep training consistent, I am no expert but from what I have read it seems to be the best! are the words they are used to




Stay (when putting one in kennel and 7 others are trying to come out lol)


and last but not least....

LOVE YOU! (ok, thats two but I tell them a lot then proceed to kiss their face off)


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